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Soft Skills Workshop

Soft Skills Workshop

1 Day or a 2 Workshop tailored for your specific group / organization need

Having the right degree is not sufficient these days but the social skills are also important. Presentation skills, self-confidence, decision-making, emotional intelligence (EQ), interpersonal skills, team building skills, communication skills and corporate etiquette skills are keys to success.

A variety of companies felt their employees lack the ability to be effective communications in a business environment. Here is a workshop that will benefit engineering and management students in building interaction skills, increase communication skills, increase confidence levels, presentations, persuasions and facing interviews confidently. The content of the workshop would be based in the cognitive domain with the intended skills learned applied in authentic scenario.

Only by understanding innate talents, personal temperament, interests, strengths, skills, natural worked environment, lifestyle, financial need, purposeful goals, and values one can finally see the Big Picture about himself/herself.

The goals of this workshop are to teach students interaction skills-to build relationship to through self-awareness. The learner will be able to apply the skills learned in today’s competitive business environment to build relationships with co-workers, supervisors and clients.

We have been conducting these workshops for the students for the last 23 years, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

This workshop can be conducted in your premises. The duration of the workshop is 3 hours. Maximum number of Students suggested is 100-150 only. We require a closed Hall, LCD, Microphone, and White Board, No videography or recording please.

Trainers for the Workshop

  • Dr. B.V. Pattabhiram, MA(Psy), Ph.D. and his team of highly trained professionals


Your facility, our facility or at a convenient hotel - we are flexible to plan this to ensure most success to the program.