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Upcoming Workshops

A unique educative and fun-filled program for kids between the ages 8 to 14 that runs every week throughout the Summer months. The program focuses on improving the child's soft skills while also emphasizing on skills such as handwriting, and above all there will be lots of message-oriented games and of course Magic :)

A 2-day program that gives you an insight in to the powers you possess - you just need to exercise your confidence and persistence to achieve success. The programs runs every week on Sat and Sun and covers various aspects related to personality development. This is a perfect introductory session in the journey of the new you!

Schools, Colleges, Factories, Corporates, Social Groups, Public Sector Entities, and many more have benefited from the custom workshops conducted by Dr. B.V. Pattabhiram and his team of trainers. Talk to us about scheduling a highly targeted, result-oriented and productivity-focused workshop for your team.

Our Solutions for You

Do not be caught up in comfort zone - break free from your self imposed limitations, and achieve the success you always desired and deserved. Speak to one of our experienced counsellors and understand the simple steps you need to take to reach your destination.

Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, leverage our custom corporate training solutions. Soft skills training for freshers, motivation workshops for workforce, collaboration and team work for professionals, and custom mentoring for leadership - we have a solution for all.

Equip the students with the soft skills needed to improve their focus, memory, confidence, performance and eventually their employability. We offer tailored programs for school kids and college kids. Also, talk to us about the train-the-trainer sessions for your teaching staff who build the future leaders.

It is a stressful job to drive, manage and govern public sector initiatives. Don't let the stress bring down your motivation - you are a critical part of the social fabric, and everyone requires your support at all times. Learn more about our group and individual sessions.

Stressful jobs. Different work-shifts. Pretense and pressure on Social Media. Lack of quality time together. These are but a few reasons for growing unhapiness in marriages and families. It's a beautiful relationship, marred with unreal pressures and egos. Talk to our family and marriage counsellors to find your solution.

It's a beautiful phase of life - let your kids enjoy it the right way. The fast paced and competitive world around us today is far different from the one that you grew up in. Peer pressure and expectations from family are overburdening the little minds. Our experienced child counseling team can work with you to give your kids the gift of a happy childhood.

Media & Downloads


From fun filled magic to transformational and life changing self-help suggestions, Dr. Pattabhiram has authored numerous articles for newspapers and managinzes in multiple languages.


Dr. Pattabhiram's books cover a wide spectrum of personality and self-help topics for professionals, student, families and more. They are available in English, Telugu and other Indian languages as well.


A wide rage of audio CDs and DVDs by Dr. Pattabhiram are available in English and Telugu. From relaxation techniques to confidence building and concentration - there will be a solution for all.


A collection of short videos and recorded workshops are made available online for your benefit. Pick the topic that suits your interest and we are hopeful that it will benefit you.